Monday, March 24, 2008

Blame it on the Devil

Thats what my grandma used to say.

And much as I would love to I have to say. Its my fault. If you came here its cause I sent you to the wrong spot.

You should be going to my blog about the kids.
BUT I made a typo. a big booboo in the URL when I set it up.

I blame it on lack of sleep. Too much caffine. Not enough brain cells left after giving birth to 4 kids ( you know that they suck out your brains to form their own right?)

Anyone that knows me knows I am the typo queen. I cant help it. I am just that way.

I have been wondering why EVERYTIME I put in THIS address I get a dead page. Well cause I cant even make the same mistake twice.

You should be at

go on over. you might enjoy it.

Dont go expecting wonderful spelling, correct syntex and all that. Go in, read a little and hopefully laugh. Then get up, hug your kids and thank God that yours are as good as they are.

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